Advertising and Affiliate Advisory and Disclaimer

Advertising and Affiliate Advisory

(Also note the language below was NOT provided by “legal counsel” but borrowed from another website we kinda like. They rather insisted this disclaimer be added to the one below.)

Just so you know… and all related sites are for-profit entities. We sell stuff. We sell our stuff. We sell other people’s stuff. We advertise other people’s stuff. We sell stuff via affiliate links. Okay? It’s called capitalism. It is a principle we firmly believe in. We also believe visitors to this site should not be all that surprised. Things cost money.

Oh, yeah, and information is typically gathered from all sorts of places and goes who knows where? For instance we use “Koko Anylitics” to see visitor stats. We don’t have a fancy premium account as of this writing but I’d bet they gather that information anyway. So doesn’t just about everyone else. There is not stopping it right now. We all know who the biggest abusers are. So don’t fret about… k?  If you want to know, really know something about yourself go ask the NSA. They won’t help you but you might be able to tell from the smug look on someone’s face they’ve got something.

If there is anything else you want to know… just ask, unlike some  people we’ll tell you straight or tell you to go straight to hell.